Symphony In The Glen is the proud recipient of a 2005 Red Carpet Award presented by Women In Theatre.

"The park, a picnic, Prokofiev... is there a better way to begin the summer?  Such efforts make Symphony In The Glen concerts a joyful mix of culture, community and civic virtue." 
- The Jewish Journal

"The attractions were obvious--people-watching, killer tunes and the peace-and-brotherhood message of the "Ode to Joy" finale.  For all of that however, the Ninth Symphony remains a serious and substantial test of both music-making skills and listening focus.  Happily, Symphony In The Glen met the challenges."  - LA Times review by John Henken

"...exuberance is the visuality of youth's music, encompassing all ages in a singularity of spirit that in a way makes it more meaningful.  I saw it all on Sunday, youth, music, summer and movement, in a sheltered corner of Griffith Park.  They coalesced in Symphony In The Glen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing classical music to a city that too often marches to erratic beats and discordant melodies." - Al Martinez in the LA Times

They draw a remarkably diverse audience--all ages and ethnic groups, a cross-section of those who visit this oasis in our sadly park-poor city. Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings was excellent; Rubinstein knows how to linger without sentimentality, and he could conjure gently gliding rhythms in the Waltz, and fine crackling drive in the finale." - LA Times Review by Richard S. Ginell

"Symphony In The Glen conductor-founder Arthur B. Rubinstein has won Emmys in his time, but he should win a Nobel Prize for his inspiring outdoor musical afternoons." - LA Weekly







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